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I participate in the creation of a new park



Autumn Legend

This parc (Légende d’Automne) is the first implementation of the concept « Seeing through Touch ». Eighteen sculptures to be discovered along a 200 metres walk. Each one comes with an open book that explains the scene in conventional and Braille writing. The Automne legend tells,why trees lose their leaves by the end of summer.

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The Musician Tree

This is the second project of the concept « Seeing through Touch ». During a one hundred and fifty meters walk the visitor will discover seventeen bronze sculptures, each one completed by a wine stock holding two parchments explaining the story in French and German as well as Braille writing in both languages.

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Human Rights Sculpture Park

While almost everybody seems to know about basic Human Rights, few people actually realize the full impact of its thirty articles. The artists will transpose each of them into sculptures.

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